First Joint Masajid Volleyball Tournament, June 17th, 2012

On June 17th, 2012, 160 players representing 15 mosques from all over Southern California spiritedly participated in the “First Joint Masajid Volleyball Tournament” organized by the Southern California Muslims Community Organization with the prime objective of bringing the Muslim community together.

The tournament was held at the American Sports Center which happens to be the largest indoor sports complex in the world. It is the home of the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Winning USA Men’s National Volleyball Team and Olympic Silver Medal Winning USA Women’s National Volleyball Team.

At the commencement of the tournament, Rules and Regulation Committee members Fahim Karim, Amjad Naqvi and Shahidi explained the rules of the event that were to be followed.

This is not only about volleyball or entertainment, this is about coming together, stated the event’s organizers, Assma Aly from Orange County Islamic Foundation, Mission Viejo.

It was heartening to see the Imam of ISCN Usman Umerjee, Imam of the Chino Valley Islamic Center Dr Ahmad Soboh, and renowned scholar Sheikh Yasir Fazaga in the court as players. The tournament was the third event organized by SCMCO, an umbrella organization of mosques in SoCal, which strives to bring the Muslim community together by way of social activities. Earlier this year, SCMCO hosted the First Joint Masajid Table Tennis Tournament.

Last year, SCMCO organized an inter-masjid Eid Festival that brought together over 5000 attendees.

Magrib Salat was led by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga from the Orange County Islamic Foundation, Mission Viejo. After the prayer he remarked in his brief speech, “I have no words to describe my feelings.” He thanked the organizers on arranging the wonderful event.

All the matches were very exciting, especially the man’s semi-finals and final. The first semi-final was played between Masjid Noor and Islamic Education Center of Orange County. The latter won the match.

The second semi-final was played between the Orange County Islamic Foundation, Mission Viejo (OCIF) and Cypress Islamic Center. This match was full of excitement and was eventually won by the Cypress Islamic Center.

The final, played between the Cypress Islamic Center and Islamic Education Center of Orange County, was won by the Islamic Education Center of Orange County. The team remained unbeaten in the tournament.

Prizes were given away by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga, Dr Ahmad Soboh and ex-Pakistani volleyball player Mohammad Rehman. Spokesperson Alam Akthar also honored Mohammad Rehman.

The event concluded with SCMCO Chairperson Dawar Naqvi thanking everyone for their contribution and support.  He expressed gratitude to Allah SWT for the success of the event. He also expressed his thanks to several individuals for their wholehearted support, including Sister Assma Ally, Brother Amjad Naqvi, Brother Alam Akthar, Brother Fahim Karim, Brother Shahidi,  Brother Ayaz Kaleemullah, Sister Samina Haq, Brother Javed Rahmetullah, Brother Fuad Dadabhoy, Brother Saad Qureshi, Brother Firoze Mustafa, Brother Amin Momand, Brother Muzaffar Lakhani and more. SCMCO congratulated the Volleyball Tournament Champions. The results are as follows:

1st Place:  Islamic Education Center of Orange County  (IECOC)

2nd Place: Cypress Islamic Center (CIS)

Player of The Tournament: Masood MirBj (IECOC)

Final: Man of the Match: Masood MirBj (IECOC)

Final: Man of the Match: Ayub Kathrada (CIS)

Semi-Final Man of the Match: Masood MirBj (IECOC)

Semi-Final Man of the Match: Ayub Kathrada (CIS)

Best Coach: Ayub Kathrada

Best Volunteers: Amjad Naqvi, Alam Akthar, Fahim Karim

Best Participants Award OCIF, Asmaa Aly

Best Participants Award, Downey Spikers, Zia Rehman.