Tournament Format

Tournament Format


  • With the following exceptions, all events are Round Robin pools with top two players/teams advancing to the Single Elimination Tournament.
  • Brothers Doubles is straight Single Elimination with no pool rounds.
  • In Sisters and Sisters Under 21 Singles, the Round Robin rounds will be combined and all players will advance to the Single Elimination Tournaments.
  • Brothers Over 65 event is Round Robin only


Format of Pool Games

One pool will be assigned to each table and given a score sheet. Everyone in the pool will play with one another and record the game and match scores on the score sheet. At the end of all the pool matches, they will immediately return the completed score sheet to the Tournament Manager to be entered in the computer.

Tournament Rules

  1. All entries and payments must be received or post marked by March 11th, 2013. The entries must include the names of the players participating in each event and up to 2 backup players per event.
  2. To participate in any of the under 21 events the player’s date of birth must be after March 24, 1992.
  3. To make changes to the roster the Mosque MUST email the name(s) of the replacement player(s), from among the backup players, to [email protected] by 5pm the day before the tournament. If a player does not show up on the day of the tournament the Mosque can provide a replacement player by 9am on tournament day. In the event a Mosque cannot find a replacement player by 9am on the day of tournament, the Rules Committee will conduct a random drawing from players, on the back-up list, that are present.
  4. In case of a dispute which cannot be resolved amongst the players, a referee will be appointed and the players will revert back to the last agreed upon points.
  5. A referee will be appointed for Semi-Final and Final match.
  6. Players must wear non-marking tennis/court shoes to avoid marks on the floor.
  7. Players will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner. Loud or offensive language will not be tolerated.
  8. Willful damage to the club’s equipment or the facility will not be tolerated.
  9. Players are not allowed to sit on the table, hit the table, place drinks on the table. The tables should not be used for any purpose other than playing Table Tennis.
  10.  There will be no smoking or drinking of an alcoholic beverage at the playing site.
  11.  Aside from the Tournament T-Shirt to be worn in the beginning, no other dress restrictions will be enforced. The tournament will take place on wooden surface, so please ensure appropriate footwear is worn.
  12.  All Masajids collectively relieve themselves from any liability from any participant. As such, a legal disclaimer will be signed by each player.
  13.  An umbrella rule will be in affect whereby questions or dispute of any rules not stated in advance will be decided by the Rules Committee on the day of tournament.
  14.  Tournament rules along with play rules and a disclaimer will be emailed to ALL players in advance.