PROGRAM SCHEDULE FOR BASKETBALL QUIZ,    Feb. 27th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm PT

11:00 am

Participants must use zoom to join.

Live YouTube link is also available for everyone.  Family, friends are welcome to watch through any options.

11:05 am

Welcome Notes

Quran Recitation with Translation

Thanks to everyone

11:15 am

Omar Regan Show

Stand-up comedian, actor and former musician Omar Regan will entertain us.

Start Quiz 

We will send you login information to all participants.

Round 1 – Each participate will take 20 multiple question
independent quiz with a 5 min time limit. This will be the qualifying
round to proceed to Round 2. The top 4 performers by age
group will proceed to Round 2. If there is a tie, the time it takes will be the tie breaker. So correct answers are very important and secondary is time.

Round 2 – The 4 winners from each age group, so 12 will proceed to Round 2.

Each participant in this round takes lightning round quiz to get as many questions answered correctly in 60 seconds. This will not be a multiple choice. It will be a free response. The top 2 performers by age
group will proceed to Round 3.

Round 3 – In this final, winner round, each participant in this round will play Who wants to be a Millionaire format quiz with 3 lifelines. The top performer by age group will be the winner.

Photos & Prize Distribution Ceremony